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Team Beachbody Coach Businesses Are Thriving In The Recession

Posted Aug 14 2009 12:00am

I love that Team Coaches continue to change people’s lives through fitness. Coaching people on the path to living the Beachbody lifestyle experiencing the fitness revolution that would impact people physically AND financially! Even in this economic recession! And how the Team Beachbody business model gives EVERYONE who wants to get fit and help others change their lives, the opportunity to build an incredible income from home! I call it the “Home Fitness Revolution“!


The economic circumstances are repetitively reinforced by the news that things are BAD…and they are when thousands of people lose their jobs, foreclose on their houses, etc…BUT why focus on the negative? Use that knowledge and know there is an opportunity! Do you need to read over and over again or hear it again that Wall Street is down? No! Get busy doing something about it! Be PROACTIVE, not reactive!

Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody wrote a post last year on his MySpace page, Need A Job? I reread it last night and it was STILL so revelant and appropriate to what I was thinking about this morning after my phone call with a friend talking about the very same theme, that I had to share it with all of you.

While things get harder for so many people, still Beachbody coaches are thriving.

Today’s headlines are telling: Chrysler Cuts 25% of White Collar Jobs , Goldman Sachs cutting 10% of workforce , Yahoo firing 1,500 workers .

How deep will job cuts get?

We hit 6% unemployment in September. In the downturn of 1973 we got up to 9%. Total employment in the U.S. is about 144 million people. That means if unemployment rise another 3%, another 4.3 million people could be out of work. Brutal.

With the financial meltdown and layoffs/unemployment, people are saving money, and they need to find ways to make money.

Beachbody and its coaches are in the perfect position to help people who are currently spending an average $741 per year on dues (before parking, gas, clothes, trainer, etc.) That $18B gym club business is antiquated.

Everyday someone signs up to be a Beachbody coach, it’s as if they created their own health club in their family room for less than $200. That’s the future, and the future is here.

Between our infomercial sales, $90MM in advertising, and 13,000+ distributors, how many people can we get to replace their gym dues with a solution to get results like the NFL cheerleader of the 49ers or college and pro athletes across the country got with P90X? And how many more people who never set foot in a gym will get started with programs that make it easy, like , , or or ?

Get the word out. Every time Beachbody airs a commercial we generate thousands of customers. But hundreds of thousands more see the ads and become prospective customers. That’s opportunity for income for you and everyone you know. You get the word out to people you know and people buy from you. It’s a home based business where we do the advertising, you just make sure people know you’re a distributor. Every 40 sales of P90X makes you over $1,000 in commissions, not including bonuses, and saves your customers hundreds of dollars a year in gym dues.

Sign up today, and use the tools in the coach-back-office to email everyone you know that if they want to lose weight, you can get them solutions like P90X for 10% less money if they join the club , and even less if they become a Coach (25% off).

Beachbody saves people money, makes people money, and gets you better results for less money and in less time than the gym. No boss. No employees. Set your own hours. What are you waiting for?

There are soooo many benefits to the Beachbody Fitness Lifestyle. I’ve come to realize that we really are in the “life changing” business with Team Beachbody! Physically and financially! If lifetime fitness and helping others become successful ring true with you, let’s get together and talk about it!

Dream Big! Decide…Commit…Succeed!


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