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Tea Cup: Twinings Chamomile & Delicate Apple = Love at First Sip

Posted Jul 21 2008 1:00am

Cup of tea cozy In a previous, a post titled Herbal Tea Bus Offers Starbucks Customers a Ride; I shared how I ended my long time love affair with coffee. To be 100% honest, I have to admit I still love the smell and easily recall the amazing taste of great coffee. My transition from coffee to herbal teas was primarily made when I discovered the caffeine jolt my daily coffee drinks provided was affecting me in some undesirable ways. Those jolts that helped me rev up for the day ultimately wrecked havoc on my ability to sleep calmly through the night.

I even switched to decaf but my, I can’t get to sleep blues continued to plague me. Aside from the poor quality of sleep I endured, I began to notice some slight heart flutters from time to time. I visited my doctor to discuss my concerns. She asked if I consumed coffee and or other caffeine laden beverages on a daily (or less frequent) basis. (I admitted to my love affair with coffee.) After agreeing to some tests to identify if I had an undiagnosed medical condition, I discovered no condition existed. It was then that my doctor suggested I wean myself off the coffee drinks and take notice of how my body responded without caffeine.

My weaning experience was pretty awful. I loved coffee. Therefore, my initial thought was I‘d just switch to decaf. Ultimately I concluded that wasn’t working out well either. I still had problems sleeping and those flutters continued (a little less often but they remained). Not to mention the headaches I developed as my body screamed to give it more of the drug (caffeine). My poor body endured the whole caffeine withdrawal madness. It truly was a battle between my mind vs. body.  I can be stubborn at times so I refused to give into my body’s demand.

While coffee was no longer an option, I found myself still wanting a warm drink in the morning. Call it a morning ritual, but I needed to wrap my hand and fingers around a mug filled with a warm liquid. I initially thought I would turn to hot chocolate as my savior. I love chocolate. Hot chocolate was quickly ruled out though because it also has a quantity of caffeine.

I then began to explore the world of herbal teas. I was happy to discover some options that satisfied my desire for a warm (and tasty) liquid in a mug (or cup) and not introduce any undesirable caffeine. I have enjoyed so many herbal teas over the years that I lost count. The blends offered today are so varied and many have become so exotic that I often wonder what they will come up with next.

Just thought I would share one of my most recent (and delicious) finds. The tea giant, Twinings of London has created a tea that makes me oh so happy; Egyptian Chamomile & Delicate Apple is the blend. It isTwiningHerbalUnwindCamomileAppleTea part of Twinings Herbal Unwind collection.

This herbal tea is wonderful as a morning, mid-afternoon or evening relaxing treat. The gentle flavor of chamomile blends perfectly with the subtle tart flavor of green apple. Learn more about the flowering plant known as Chamomile.

I recently shared a few tea bags with some friends. They all agreed this Chamomile & Delicate Apple tea has a delightful taste and said they would add it to their next (grocery) shopping list. At less than $3.50 per box for 20 tea bags, it is a real bargain too. Check your local store(s), try a cup and let me know what you think of it as well.


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