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Tap Into Your Fat Burning Power – Harness Your Own Human Growth Hormone

Posted Mar 22 2011 12:00am

Sleep is directly related to how  much fat you store.  However, in the past it was mainly related to Human Growth Hormone.  While reading a new weight loss book, they also related it to carbohydrates.  That old saying “don’t eat carbs at night,” makes a lot more sense when you relate it to the science of HGH.

The age old rule of not eating carbs at night has been shut down many times by fitness professionals and even fitness chains.  While researching it further,  it’s clear that this rule is not a myth.

  • Eating carbs late at night doesn’t give your body time to burn them off before you go to bed.  Therefore your body more readily stores them as fat.
  • As you eat through out the day your insulin levels get less sensitive.  By night time your insulin is not as active leading to a higher amount of fat being stored.
  • Growth Hormone is released more readily at night in a slightly fasting state.

According to researcher Dr. Bill Misner Ph.D., “allowing the body to settle into a fasting state 3 hours prior to bedtime                                   totally clears  gastric-related digestive activity, allowing the maximum 5-pulsatile human growth hormone                                         (HGH) bolus to be released from the  pituitary gland. The mechanism of postprandial diurnal pulsatile growth hormone peak                           is largely dependent upon lowering blood  levels of free fatty acids, blood sugar (including insulin) which in general takes 3 hours                                   before levels reach their respective nadir.” [ 1 ]  (read more on the subject:  Dr. Bill Misner Article )

Refraining from carbs at night CAN BE DONE.  You don’t have to do it every night to see a noticeable difference.  Four to five times a weeks will still give you results.  Hopefully this article inspired you to eat your carbs during the day and cut them at night!

Adria Ali

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