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Tabitha Rowland is Every Gym’s Nightmare

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:13pm

I’m starting a new segment here at Every Gym’s Nightmare called “I AM Every Gym’s Nightmare” where you readers have the opportunity to share with everyone, here at EGN, just what truely makes you every gym’s nightmare.

This week, we have Tabitha Rowland, from The Rowland’s Rowland.

I got married when I was 21. I had been told for years that I wouldn’t be able to conceive. Long story short…we did and Dawson was born June 2000!! I was 100 pounds when I got pregnant. I was 198 when he was born!!! I know right? I was put on bed rest and the pounds starting packing on. I had always been active and watched my weight. All I wanted was my baby. I would have gained 500 pounds as long as it was good for my baby! Within the first 6 months I lost ALL of my baby weight. I swear it! I walked and did the Atkins diet. Coming off the Atkins diet was VERY hard. I just wouldn’t eat. I had to make myself eat healthy as I had once before. I continued working out as I always had. Fast forward almost 9 years. I am now a fitness model for my gym, local fashion shows, and the students that I teach! I am concerned with the number (I’m not gonna lie, I’m human). BUT I love how strong my short (I’m 5′4) legs are and how far they have carried me in this life. I thrive by sharing my lifestyle with my family. When I go home (the Outer Banks, NC) I would always go rollerblading or walking. My Aunt/best friend, Jackie, began going with me and has now started running and lifting weights on her own. I am SO proud of her! I have several students that are 50 pounds or more overweight. I am in the process of teaching them how to exercise at home and on the playground without it seeming like work.

My workouts vary. I hate change…unless it is my workout! When the weather is not HOT I will run for all of my cardio. Once it is too hot or I get bored I’ll do the bike or starimaster at the gym. I have an elliptical at home that I do regularly. As I said earlier I love to rollerblade. I roller blade everytime I go home or walk/run with Jackie. When I lift weights I prefer to use free weights. I get Shape, Fitness, and Self magazine and use workouts that I find in them. I have a bridal fashion show tomorrow so I hired a personal trainer 2 months ago. She gave me 2 workouts. One that I can do anywhere and one for at the gym.

Here’s a sample weeK:

Monday: run 5k
Tuesday: Pilates 1hr & 15-30min cardio
Wednesday: 20 min cardio 1hr weights
Thursday: 5 or 8k
Friday:30min cardio home workout w/ ball
Saturday: Family day (bike riding, walking, basketball, ice skating, rollerblading) varies according to the weather; if raing hit the gym for 30 min cardio and 30 min weights
Sunday: 10k

For me fitness is life. It’s how I live my life. I have been very blessed with good health and an active family. My husband and I have always enjoyed getting outside and now we have out son to enjoy it with as well.-Tabitha


If you would like to share why you are every gym’s nightmare, email me your story at, and I will post your “I Am Every Gym’s Nightmare” here on the site.

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