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TABATA Body Weight Workout! Kelly (CAC member) burned 771 Calories in 10 min! Results Baby!!

Posted Mar 08 2012 2:12pm

Here is my TABATA workout that we did on Monday!  It is super intense and I was so sore the next day, big time!!! The idea behind TABATA is that you push yourself so hard that you feel like you can’t go on, from the beginning.  It is a an interval workout, so you do 20 seconds at your highest intensity and then take a 10 second break!! Then you do it again!!  The key again, is to go to your MAXIMUM INTENSITY for the 20 seconds. You end up only working out for 10 minutes total. The rest is the rest time! Awesome stuff!!  Here is the class, hope you enjoy!!!

First Circuit:

One legged burpees (20 on /10sec break)

Other leg (20/10)

High Knees (20/10)

Pushups to taps (20/10)

Do this 2 times thru and then take a 2 minute break

Second Circuit:

Reverse lunge jumps (20/10)

Jumping Jacks or plyo jacks(20/10)

Mountain Climbers (20/10)

Pulls ups (20/10)

Do this 2 times thru and take a 2 minute break

Third Circuit:

Squat Burpees (20/10)

Power Squats(20/10)

Plank Jacks(20/10)


Do this 2 times thru then take a 2 min break

Fourth Circuit

Jumping Lunges (20/10)

Long Jumps (20/10)

Jump Rope/triple jumps (20/10)

Squat Kick over (20/10)

Do this 2 times thru and you are done!!  You should be completely dead at this point!!! It is actually only 10 minutes of working out, but you burn so many calories.  Kelly from class burned 771.  Now that is awesome for 10minutes!!!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.  Also note that I have a video of this exact class, so you can see the exercises being done and feel the motivation of the group.  The video is just $5 and I will send it right to your computer.

Can’t  wait to hear your feedback after you try this workout!! Let me know what you think!!




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