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Swimming Pool Not Just For Water Aerobics

Posted by Lela D.

Way back, the only exercise done in a swimming pool was swimming. Then water aerobics came along and we thought that was it. Old ladies in funny hats. But all that's changed. Now exercise classes of all kinds are being held in swimming pools! All over the country instructors are offering wet versions of classes in kickboxing, yoga and tai chi. Have you heard of Poolates? It's pilates in the pool and I'll bet it's a serious workout!

Water provides resistance just like weights. However, it's also so easy on the joints that many people who can't work with traditional weights can still get the benefits they would with a weight bearing workout by exercising in the water.

The new water exercise is no synchronized swimming. Most new water fitness classes do not use music, which may appeal to the rhythm challenged. And if you don't want to be seen in your bathing suit, you can wear shorts! Jump on in.

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What a great name. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any of these classes offered near me other than the traditional water aerobics with the funny ladies and old hats. I also question whether those water aerobics classes really do much, because the people doing them are so obviously out of shape...but maybe these folks do improve over time.
It's true that many of the folks doing water aerobics don't seem to be in good shape but, many doctors prescribe this exercise. While it won't turn them in to hard bodies it allows them the opportunity to exercise with bad joints and other injuries that prevent them from doing traditional workouts. For many of them it prolongs the ability to remailn mobile for years when they would otherwise be confined to a bed or wheelchair. It's great that these folks are seeing a wider variety of classes available to them.
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