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Swimming♡ "Get Your Body Wet"

Posted May 08 2012 6:58pm
When’s the last time you hopped in the pool for a good workout? The sparkling blue water in that pool is good for much more than relaxing and cooling off. Swimming isn’t just child’s play. Taking a dive into the lap lane is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that can trim pounds and help you maintain a healthy weight. You can burn 300-400 calories in just 30 minutes of doing laps. Swimming is a great way to mix in your regular training to shock you body. 
Swimming was my passion before I began lifting and bodybuilding. I swam most of my younger years into late teen years where I swam competitively in high school and college AAU teams. I just loved the feel of the water and how peaceful it felt working out in water. Swimming burns so many calories and works out your entire body. My favorite was how great I would feel after a good, hard swim workout. I stopped swimming when I started competing in bodybuilding, but the years of swimming only helped with my bodybuilding in that I had much longer muscles from swimming all those years. Me being small the long muscles helped my body be symmetrical and more appealing than if I had shorter muscles on my small frame. When you're a smaller bodybuilder you never want to look boxy and having shorter muscle belly will do that. So without even knowing it all my years of swimming helped me in becoming a better more successful bodybuilder. Swimming in a lap pool is much different than swimming in the open ocean. So you need to realize that you may be great at swimming laps in a pool and then try to take it to the ocean and see it's just not the same. It's much more difficult to swim in the ocean because of strong currents of the open water. It makes it much harder and more difficult to swim if you not accustom to it. Your body will work much harder swimming in open water than in a lap pool.Both a extremely beneficial and a tremendous workout for your entire body so give it a try and challenge yourself and your body to something different and new. Changing it up and continuing to push and challenge yourself is the best thing for you and  your body.
If you have yet to learn how to swim, or need tips on how to keep breathing while you swim laps, sign up for a class at your local YMCA or gym. If you already know how to stay afloat, just remember: It’s not your amazing skills that are keeping you buoyant in the water. Fat floats, muscle sinks. So get your booty in that pool and start swimming! When floating isn’t so easy anymore, you’ll know you’ve reached your weight-loss goals

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