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Sweating: An essential bodily function that keeps us cool

Posted Sep 09 2008 2:01am
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Although sweating is an essential bodily function that keeps us cool, excessive sweating can be a great problem giving extreme discomfort for many people, exactly in the same way as lack of sweating can be a problem for those that don’t sweat. We don’t generally hear too much about those that don’t sweat, it seems there is a loud voice of those that suffer from excessive sweating, which is understandable as it often brings a profuse, social hindrance to their every day life. Both situations can present enormous problems for the individual.

Excessive sweating can result in embarrassing situations, demoralizing the sufferer; for example psychological negativity is most commonly associated with anxiety sweating. But what is it that makes anxiety sweating more traumatic for the sufferer than other types of perspiring? All excessive sweating after all, is viewed with modern social distaste and the sweating itself can be an extremely irritating burden. If this is the case, why is it that anxiety sweating is singled out as the type that is associated with the most distressing effects?

The answer is quite simply that anxiety sweating can potentially lead to cyclic anxiety sweating, an condition that is not felt by sufferers of other kinds of excessive sweating. This means that individuals who tend to sweat in large amounts during times of anxiety may find that their sweating will have greater manifestation, which will increase the already excessive sweating - a vicious circle.

Despite this, anxiety sufferers may not always feel the distressful cyclical nature of the disorder, and although anxiety sweating is not always resultant of anxiety, it can often be the case. The social stigma of anxiety sweating may become increasingly overbearing towards the sufferers and they may find that as well as the misfortunes of dealing with the physical side of the disorder, they may also have to deal with the implications of experiencing an anxiety attack.

Unfortunately, sufferers of such diseases may find that the world is not as understanding of their hardships and such is the baffling nature of modern society. The problems suffered will frequently be ridiculed by the more fortunate. The implications of which will surely cause the condition to become more of a burden to the sufferers.

If you do suffer from excessive sweating, you may also find that you have a sweating symptom that can encourage making certain lifestyle changes for the better, although the reasons for excessive sweating as almost as many as the individual sufferers. Menopausal women often suffer from an overwhelming amount of sweating. Although menopause and all its stages are not an illness, they can be very distressing, but are a natural process in a woman’s body. Menopause sweating (often called hot flushes) is just an indicator of changes, which occur between the ovarian hormones and those produced by the pituitary gland.

This is particularly accurate if you suffer from either excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), or anihidrosis - a lack of sweating. Both condition types can be sending signals that your body needs immediate attention. In some cases you’ll discover that a uncomplicated adjustment of your diet can help to get your body back in balance, helping to leave your sweating problems in the past.

Drastic or dramatic measures aren’t always needed, just a simple yet significant change that can have a great impact on your overall health, such as reducing stress and anxiety - this can be combined with so many things, but getting a good nights sleep is often helpful when stress is involved.

If you find that you have continued sweating and that it’s hard to deal with - either excessive or no sweating at all, then don’t delay, it’s time to consult your doctor as quickly as possible. Doing this you’ll be able to rule out the thoughts that your sweating symptom is an indication of another medical condition, which in turn will relieve you of undue stress and anxiety.

Sweating is another way that the body disposes of waste in small amounts. Where this type of sweating is your body’s way of telling you that something could be wrong with it and it needs attention. And if you find that your sweating is not a “sweating symptom” as such, but a genetic trait instead, there are still sweating treatments that you can use to get around this, with the help of your doctor. This might take some time, a little experimentation and some perseverance on your part, but there are many types of sweating remedies to deal with sweating problems.

There’s a wide range of conventional treatment methods, or holistic treatment methods available. Which one you choose depends entirely on you, your particular brand of sweating problem and your circumstances, but a good place to start would be with your diet and lifestyle for example if you’re overweight - then start by losing excess kilograms and exercise more frequently. Doing this has deeper reaching implications than on your sweating symptom alone, and it’s likely that you’ll soon find yourself feeling healthier than ever. Controlling excessive sweating symptoms is easier when you follow a treatment that fits your specific case.

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