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Sure way to lose weight- social support

Posted Sep 16 2008 12:00am

When you’re trying to get in shape, what do you think is the biggest environmental factor in derailing your resolution? The obvious answer would be the sight and smell of delicious (unhealthy) junk food!
Wrong: You’ll overcome the craving of delicious junk food, but what makes it really tough is working around the social pressure of your family and friends, that are ready to derail your fitness

Believe it or not, your family and your friends have to be equally empathetic towards your fitness goals.

How often has it been that your mother adds that extra bit of ghee (read as love) to your paranthas knowing that you’re trying to lose weight? Or your friends on an evening out, push you towards food & alcohol binging to kill boredom? We’re not saying that ghee is not good. In fact it has uncooked ghee has unsaturated fat that helps in better absorption of vitamins or drinking a glass a week of wine is bad. The problem starts when the portions seize to remain under control. You mother cant see you get in shape as she thinks you look underfed, while you’ve only shed a couple of pounds. And your friends simply don’t think when they are having a good time. There’s no logical reasoning  when they want you to down the whole bottle!

Most people grappling with weighty issues are victims of considerable alcohol consumption and they don’t realize it. They might be eating right, exercising well but not paying enough attention to their alcohol intake. Also people on a mission to get fit mostly try to eat at home and still not get anywhere with those extra kilos! Maybe you need to check calorie count in home cooked food.

A good way to overcome this huge factor is to make all the people you hang out with aware, that you’re trying to lose weight, and that their support counts. If they want the best for you, they will support you in your goals.

With social support from your family and friends, it will be easier to get fit. Watch your weighing machine become your favorite hang out zone with just a little moral support from your friends and family. It’s the teamwork that will help you stay ahead of your race against fat. So, get them to help you win that race! Need help to lose weight: Call (0)98108-20937 or email

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