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Summertime Kids-at-Home Workouts.

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:13pm

Subtitle: Yeah, at first I thought these people were messing with me via email as we’d just done a podcast on this very subject!

Hiya Miz, I need help. You talked last week about Living Not Blogging and I was jealous. You work in your playouts :) even with your Tornado around and I’ve become derailed and the summer has just started. How on earth can I fit in fitness in a hectic summer schedule with kids home?? Please please email me back.

Ahhh, summer. I have to admit that, when many of my mama-friends began panicking about the same thing back in May, I was entirely caught by surprise.

I hadn’t though much about the fact they were used to a big chuck of time during the day in which to work/workout and the aforementioned chunk disappears for a few months every summer.

Since Im always rollin’ with my homie the Tornado it was a no-brainer to help my friends come up with a list of options they could work into their days.

(This list does NOT include utilizing a gym daycare facility.  That is definitely a fab option but one many of us dont have at our disposal.)

Please to enjoy MizFit’s Magnificent List Of Workout Options With The Kids Underfoot 2009.

( AKA: M.M.L.O.W.O.W.T.K.U. )

  • Get up at the crack of dawn and MOVE. This is what Ive chosen to do and, while not my fave thing initially, it works for me. Im a far more patient mama when Ive had my time to destress.  Remind yourself that this isnt forever and that you can do ANYTHING for a few months.  Dont have any equiptment at home? Pick up an inexpensive exercise band.  Check out ON DEMAND exercise programs on television. Rent exercise DVDs so you know what you like *before* you buy.
  • Involve your kids: Another no-brainer yet one we mamas seem to not do frequently enough.  How do you raise kids who like to exercise? You show them that working, errr, PLAYing out can be fun!  Are you a weight training mama? Hand your littletlittles rolled up socks and let them train along side you!  Are your kids more toward the tween years? Try incorporating body weight routines and have them push up or lunge right with you!  You may find that your workouts take longer (”running” with a 5 year old might necessitate more frequent stops & starts) but you WILL FIND they are more enjoyable.
  • Incorporate the silly: Nothing works the core better than a GOOD, HARD belly laugh.  Skip the traditional workout all together in favor of some LOUD MUSIC & a good old fashioned dance party!  Make up silly yoga poses which mimic the appearance of different zoo animals! How long has it been since you’ve played leapfrog? Jumped rope? Heck, even a vigorous game of freeze tag, dodge ball, hopscotch or duck, duck, goose! can get the heart rate up when done with childlike glee.  Too hot to even consider the outdoors? Raining? Create an obstacle course in your home and, perhaps, time each other to see who can complete it the fastest.  Think outside the box.  Think like the children you’re trying to amuse’ertain.
  • Make every movement count: Once upon a time MizFit took four months off from working out.  Once upon that time she really didnt notice that much of a change in her body composition or strength.  What kept me kindasorta in shape?Two thingsI didnt take the break from working out as a ‘reason’ to toss in the clean eating towel (important to remember!) and I made the most of every opportunity to squeeze in some N.E.A.T. Perhaps start accidentally (wink) forgetting something upstairs when you are down.  Take that stairclimb to squeeze the glutes and SQUEEZE in a bit of cardio.  View your entire day through the lens of: how might I use this time to burn a few extra calories (and some stress!) off?


That’s what Ive got people.

Up in herre? We tend toward this:




And you?

Do you bring the kids to the pool and CHOOSE to spend that time aqua-training not lounging & reading?

Have you perfected the McDonald’s Playscape Playout Routine & care to spread your knowledge?

Parents & busyworkinglifeslammed individuals alike please to hit us all up in the comments.

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