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Summer Slim Down…

Posted Mar 30 2010 7:58am

If you are in Longmont or the surrounding area, I am running an AMAZING special for this week! You will want to take advantage of this!

While doing this special for my Fit Chicks, I decided I needed to “slim down” myself as I am going to be going to Vegas in just 4 weeks.

I made a bet with someone and my goal is to hit 18% body fat in just 4 weeks. I think it can be done, with some good butt kicking workouts and very strict eating habits.

So I thought why not post it, and be accountable here as well as with my challenge partner.

There are certain questions I like my clients to answer when they decide they want to make some changes, so I am going to answer those questions here.

1. What is your goal and be specific and make it measurable:

My goal is to reach 18% body fat by April 22nd, 2010. I will also write this on paper and tape to my desk to read every day.

2. How will I achieve this goal?

I plan to do 3 main meals and 3 shakes per day. I plan to add more fresh veggies and lean protein, cut back a bit on my fats and starchy carbs, such as breads.

3. How will I keep my self on track and accountable?

I plan to post on here my workouts most every day and post how well I am doing with my meals. I will also be tracking my body fat and measurements once a week.

4. How will I reward myself?

I will look amazing when I have to wear a bikini in Vegas! :)

So I guess I can post my beginning measurements:

These were from 3/24/10

Weight 126

BF 21.3%

Waist 25′

Belly Button 27.25′

Hips 36.5′

Thigh 21.75′

I would so be  happy to drop a few inches in the hips and thigh area as who know! :)

Todays workout was killer! I just came back from a 4 day recovery period, so I was so ready to bust it up and I did!

I did 30/10’s with 4 rounds of the following

*Burpees (did them on 12 inch bench to protect my lower back just starting out again)


*Side Shuffle with bands




*Side Shuffle bands

*Jump squats

KILLER, but so effective!

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