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Subway breakfast review (Ren Man guest post/giveaway).

Posted Jul 27 2010 1:00am

Let me preface this review of the Subway Western Egg White & Cheese English Muffin Melt by noting that we live in Austin, Texas, the recognized breakfast taco capital of the world according to the New York Times .

This morning because because my wife totally and completely begged me instead of walking across the street to El Arroyo for a breakfast taco fix, I went to the Subway next door.

I have to say, the breakfast at Subway is pretty good.

The egg white version I had is only 160 calories, of which 35 come from fat.  This compares favorably to McDonald’s Egg McMuffin , which has 300 calories, of which 110 come from fat.

(MizFit note: compares favorably.  can you tell which one of us is the lawyer in the family? His prose is definitely more lovely.)

Like breakfast tacos, I would have to eat at least 2 of the Subway breakfast sandwiches to even put a dent in my morning hunger, but I wouldn’t feel bad about eating 2 of these.

The low point of the breakfast was definitely the coffee.

Subway serves Seattle’s Best Coffee, which is a deceptive name because Starbucks is the best coffee to come out of Seattle.

(MizFit note: OUCH but, as Leo DiCaprio said in Catch Me If You Can , I concur.)

I appreciate that Subway is trying to make fast food at least reasonably healthy.

Breakfast can be a particularly difficult meal to get on-the-go, as the Toddler Tornado can attest by our Saturday morning visits to Howdy Donuts.

(MizFit note: I added picture. Photographic evidence is much more compelling.)

Having an egg-white option is definitely a nice alternative, especially when it tastes good enough that you actually want to eat it.

So there you have it.

A breakfast review from Ren Man which pretty much covers it all save *my* favorite part of the Subway Breakfast experience which is their optional WAKE UP CALL .

(have you seen that before? if not–please to enjoy.)

And, as implied in the post-title/evidence below, we have a few gift cards to give away.

Three five dollar cards (which seeing as a breakfast combo is a mere $2.50 should cover your morning meal quite nicely) to be precise.

You may be entered to win for the lowlow cost of a comment below.

Ren Man out’ed himself as a donut-fiend on those rushed mornings when breakfast needs to be on the run.

Now it’s your turn.

Step up and share what YOUR go-to breakfast is on the run.

Be it dry cereal or croissants please to hit us all up in the comments.


Winners announced 7.30.10


There have been some tweaks up in herre—due to some potential impending BLOGcitement—which resulted in a small lag between when you COMMENT and when it SHOWS UP.

Just FYI (if by “FYI” you mean it took me eons to figure that out as well—which I do)

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