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Substituting Hard Work With Weight Loss Supplements Doesn't Work

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:31pm 1 Comment

In the commercialized world that we live in, we seem to want the quick solutions. Commercial weight loss programs always promise quick weight loss. Have you ever wondered why they never talk about fat loss? I'll tell you why. Because permanent fat loss takes longer and you have to really work hard and smart to achieve it. Pills, powders and patches won't get the job done when it comes to permanent fat loss/weight loss.

Review my post to see the truth about commercial weight loss programs . Credible personal trainers want health, injury prevention and permanent fat loss/weight loss for you. Save your money and stop buying all those weight loss supplements. They don't work longterm and some are dangerous. Check out the supplement safe list before ingesting any supplement. Doctors, health professionals and personal trainers agree that the only safe and surefire way to good health and fitness is through good nutrition and regular exercise.

Are you ready to swim with the sharks? Don't kid yourself about fitness---make a lifetime commitment to it and you won't be sorry! Get your fitness assessment done today and start setting your fitness goals!

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Weight loss can be so simple, when people don't make it hard...:
Eat less, of higher quality foods.
Get up and MOVE more.
Take supplements to get "over the hump" when needed.

Unfortunately, most supplements do one of 2 things:
1. trick your body into thinking you're full when you're not. This is starvation.
2. rev up your metabolism, and we've all read about how dangerous this can be.
A new set of supplements uses Leptin - the hormone your cells release to tell your brain "we're full".  
Our modern lives - stress,poor eating, etc. - mess with our body chemistry, and sometimes those messages don't get through.
Leptin supplements, like Mandura TRIM, help cut through the 'clutter' and make sure your brain knows when to stop eating. Naturally.
Safe, effective, and Clinically Proven.
Find out more at:

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