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Strong is NOT the new SEXY (my thoughts)

Posted Feb 04 2013 4:00am

I write this post with the acknowledgement SEXY is nothing to which I ever aspired.

It could be nature (good lord I was NOT the child who loved dress-up, make-up or sultrysexy styles ).

It could be nurture (I was raised on FREE TO BE YOU AND ME . William? You may have a doll! Run ATALANTA run!!)

It just is.

Even before I discovered my love of weights   (& shifted even MORE to fitnesswear than fashion)—-I was the girl who spent fleeting moments SEXY’ING UP before a date & many moments on pre-going-out-girlfriend-giggling time.

After I discovered weight training & “found my strong” my mind turned less to SEXY than ever before.

The below was taken the morning of my first bodybuilding competition (drug tested natural competition…but thats a post for a different day).

sexy was the furthest thing from my mind...

sexy was the furthest thing from my mind…

  • I felt capable. 
  • I felt indomitable. 
  • I felt heard.
  • I felt empowered. 
  • I felt STRONG.

I saw lots of sexy that day, yet to my eyes the sexy wasnt a by product of the muscles—the confidence was.

I witnessed women of all shapes, sizes and states of preparedness for the show (I came in last) walking with swaggers which conveyed they’d worked hard, they were comfortable in their own skin, they were confident, they were STRONG.

I get the point of strong being the new sexy.

I understand the focus on if we can get mainstream media EVERYTHING to acknowledge beauty & sexy comes in all shapes and muscularSIZES it’s a tremendous step for all of us.  A step toward encouraging EVERYONE to lead a more active lifestyle.

The challenge for me (<—-am I alone in this?) is the fact the very definition of the word sexy feels as though it lessens the strong.


doesnt know the word sexy...

she LOVES strong. she doesnt know the word sexy…


Do I feel this way because of the type of adjectives I’d choose to describe me if given a choice?

Ive just never aspired to SEXY...

I do love this one…


Do I feel this way because, since I lifted weights a bit before it was “hip”, strong to me has always meant empowered?

are muscles my hidden cape?

are muscles my hidden cape?


Or is it because Im a mother now?  

Is STRONG the new confident?

I want her to be strong and confident…


For me muscles are empowering (BEYOND. I WANT THAT FOR MY CHILD !) yet the process? the end goal? Does not involve sexiness in the slightest.


I dont see SEXY I see COMFY IN SKIN-SUIT...


To me strong is not the new skinny. 

Strong is not the next SEXY.

If anything—for me—STRONG is a gift we give our children.

It’s a gift we bestow upon other women/girls in our lives.

It’s a silent message of ‘it’s ok to have muscles.’

It’s a constant wordless message of the notion it’s OK and AWESOME to be capable of exerting great force—physical and mental.

Sure at times strong can be sexy—-but isnt that the by product of strength? the confidence? the empowerment? the PRIDE?

For me strong is enough.

Strong just IS.


no other adjectives needed.

no other adjectives needed.


What is it for you?

How do you finish this phrase?

STRONG IS ________________

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