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Strokes Linked To Diet Soda?

Posted Feb 18 2011 12:00am

Over time research has found that diet soda is not only toxic it’s also addictive.  Research is now finding that diet soda is causing increased heart attacks and strokes which may be due to the amount of sodium.

The study was preformed in LA with 2,500 people.  Of those participants, the people who consumed diet soda on a daily basis had an increased rate of risk by 61%.  This study also took into account drinking, smoking, exercising regularly, and calorie consumption.  However, the rate of risk was just as high regardless of daily habits and activity.

At the beginning of the study, researchers asked participants how much and what kinds of sodas they drank. Individuals were then grouped into seven categories: no soda (less than one soda of any kind per month); moderate regular soda only (between one per month and six per week); daily regular soda (at least one per day); moderate diet soda only; daily diet soda only; and two groups of people who drink both kinds: moderate diet and any regular, and daily diet with any regular.

During the follow-up of approximately 9.3 years, there were 559 vascular events, including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (which is caused by rupture of a weakened blood vessel) ( source ).

Outside researchers say this study is inaccurate.

“One of the many flaws here is that participants were asked about soda intake at only one point in time, when they entered the study,” Besser said. “It is difficult to imagine that people’s intake of soda is constant during that period ( source ).”

While the research is not conclusive.   Continuous research on this topic has brought to light the dangers of introducing foreign substances into the body on a consistent basis.  Where ever your opinion lies, one fact is clear, soda is something that should be consumed sparingly.  Think before you drink ;)

Adria Ali

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