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Strike up the Band

Posted by Mary Ann P.

One study has recently revealed that listening to music while walking may cause you to lose twice as much as if you walked without it. I like to walk with music. It helps me keep my pace up and makes the time pass more quickly. Besides it sounds like a good excuse to pick up that new iPod or MP3 player to me. Do you walk with or without music?
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I LOVE working out to music too and would encourage everyone to pick their favorite tunes, lace up their gym shoes and hit the workout. A meta-analysis of the effects of music and exercise has identified the need for better quality studies. Dr. Len Kravitz (University of New Mexico) reviewed a number of studies relating to music and exercise and offers the following advice: * More research is needed before direct correlations can be made *Many studies touting the benefits of music and exercise are not well designed or controlled *The best designed studies to dates have shown the following: 1) Sedative music has a tendance to decreawse muscular fitness potential (Save the Enya for Yoga class) 2) Research does support that music can positively influence adhearance to exercise, improve your enjoyment, as well as enhance your compliance to your program. In summary, whether or not walking with music can really cause you to lose twice as much as walking without music...has the jury still out, but it will enhance your enjoyment, so go ENJOY!!!
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