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Stretching for Rehab, Performance and Life

Posted Sep 04 2009 9:09am

Stretching improves flexibility – the range of motion of our joints.  All it takes is a quick look at a child and the many awkward ( for us ) positions they manage to get into, for us to realize we’ve lost something.  Our flexibility!!

Where did our flexibility go?

As children, we ran, jumped, climbed, rolled, wrestled, cartwheeled, flipped, swam and more.  We moved – a lot!  And it was FUN!  Contrast that with our present sedentary lifestyles.  Most people move as little as possible and then groan and complain when we have to physically do anything outside the norm.

People, it’s true – if you don’t use it, you lose it!

And why is stretching so important?

  • stretching improves muscular balance around the joint, which improves your posture.  Notice how you sit, stand or walk.  We tend to slouch in everything we do. Slouching leads to tension, pain, stress and frustration. Stretching can help.
  • stretching is the best way to maintain flexibility.  It’s not difficult to learn basic stretches and you don’t need to join a gym.
  • a regular program of stretching will improve your mobility for life.
  • according to the video below, stretching reduces the chance of injury.
  • stretching may reduce the risk of injury during activity
  • watch this video for some simple but effective stretches that will help almost everyone.  Give them a try – feel the stretch.

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