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Stretch Series: Quadriceps

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:25pm

Unless you are Mr. Fantastic or Gumby you have to stretch.

And last time I checked they both were make-believe characters that don't exist, so technically EVERYONE needs to do some form of stretching.

Hopefully you've been following along with my Stretch Series and picking up some new moves to try pre and post-workout.

If you haven't been, WTF!

You can just click on the 'Flexibility' Label  in the right sidebar to catch up.

Here is this week stretch for your quadriceps...

Stretch #5

Do This Stretch:
  • Bend your LEFT Knee
  • Hook your foot on the back of a bench,  back of a chair, on the ledge counter, or hold with your hand
  • Draw the heel of your LEFT foot towards your backside, until you feel a stretch

Intensify This Stretch:
  • Tuck your hips under or round your lower back
  • Contract the glute on the same side as the leg you are stretching

Correct This Stretch:
  • Make sure your knee that is bent is pointing straight down to the floor
  • Do not arch your lower back as you try to raise your foot higher
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds on each leg


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