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Stretch Series: Hip Flexors

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:02pm

Most of the stretches we do are done in one plane of motion.

That's because many of our muscles move in only one plane of motion...

but not all do!

The hip flexors, for example, are a group of muscles in the front of the hip that can be stretched in multiple planes of motion and it is beneficial to do so.

Here is how to take the basic hip flexor stretch and make it multi-planar...

Stretch #7 
Hip Flexors

Do This Stretch:

Top Figure - 1 plane stretch

  • Get down on one knee where your front and back knee is bent 90 degrees
  • Straighten your back 
  • Tilt your pelvis backwards/under like a scared dog tucking its tail between its legs
  • Squeeze the glute on the same side as the kneeling leg
  • Slighty lean your body forward

Bottom Figure - multiple plane stretch

  • Holding the position from above, raise the arm on the same side as the knee that is down
  • Turn slighty away from the front bent knee
  • Bend over to open up the stretching side


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