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Stretch Series: Glutes & Piriformis

Posted Sep 01 2009 4:01pm

Okay last week's track stretch was a little technical, but even if you hate stretching or are the laziest stretcher will like this one.

I promise.

It targets your glutes and piriformis or in simpler terms, the back of your hips.

Stretch #3
Glutes & Piriformis

Three Steps To Stretch:

1. Cross your legs, positioning your RIGHT ankle over your LEFT knee

2. Lean forward maintaining a straight back position

3. Hold it for at least a 30 count

That's it!

You could do this just about anywhere - try it at your desk, on your couch, dining room chair, or while seated on the edge of your bed.

Why Do This Stretch?

It's a great stretch post-run, after a hard cardio session, leg workout, or if you've been sitting for a while.

This stretch may help alleviate any pain or tightness in the lower back as well.

Give it a shot!

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