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Stretch Series: Calves

Posted Nov 10 2009 10:01pm

AHHHHHH, Lance is refreshed!

I just got back from an amazing vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

Be jealous, be very jealous.

The only bad part was the million mosquito bites I got and 7 hours sitting on a plane - each way.

But don't feel too bad for me because I was sitting in 1st class the entire time!

Be very very jealous.

After all that sitting (and pampering), I am dying to stretch out my tight and stiff muscles...

Here's another easy stretch to try out inside and outside of the gym!

Stretch #8
Straight-legged Calf Stretch

Do This Stretch:
  • Put one leg in front of the other
  • Turn the toe of the back to inwards (towards the body)
  • Straighten the back leg by contracting your quad
  • Bend your front knee to increase the intensity of the stretch
  • Hold for 30 seconds then switch sides

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