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Strength Training Now Must Include the Element of Balance

Posted by Sheryl A.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this past weekend. No, not about stock or bonds, but about balance exercises and weight training – and their popularity.

The article says they are in “fashion” and I agree. At PhysicalFitnet, of the 800 exercise video clips, 250 of them challenge balance and stability. So, if you want to be cutting-edge at the gym, and, of course, get fit - challenge your balance. Check out some video demonstrations that can help you do that

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Balance is also an integral part of yoga. My instructor says by doing balancing exercises, we 'balance' the two sides of our bodies. Our weak side has the chance to catch up to the strong side.
The key for balancing exercises and strength training is that many of them focus on the core abdominal/obliques and back muscles. So it makes sense to incorporate moves that cover a larger range of the body. It's more bang for the buck (time in this case) when we're all so busy with everything else!
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