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Stopping Headaches Before They Start

Posted Nov 06 2012 12:36pm

Do you suffer from migraines or headaches? Lots of people do in fact these conditions are directly affecting approximately 12% to 14% of the American population alone every day and while the cause of a migraine is still a bit of a mystery to the medical profession as to what exactly causes it, stress in it’s many forms, is a leading cause of tension headaches.

To control a tension headache, it’s important to break any patterns of stress. Stress and are one of the major causes of headaches, which very often trigger a headache within a very short period of time.

Migraine on the other hand is often misdiagnosed as a sinus headache however, this type of headache comes on when an infection is involved that causes the sinuses to become inflamed and while this type of headache can often be severe, tension and migraine headaches are excruciatingly painful too and are generally accompanied by other symptoms like visual disturbances or nausea and tend to begin on one side of the head, then typically spreading to both sides.

Underlying symptoms can vary from person to person and generally speaking there are several types of headache, which can for example be caused by eating products that contain additives, smoking will certainly cause bring on a headache too. Some research reports state that headaches can also be brought on by certain foods such as fatty potato chips and other snacks.

Other common symptoms are emotional or psychological stress, muscle strain in the neck and back caused by poor posture, eye strain caused by tired, dry eyes, sleep deprivation, jet-lag, and hunger caused by irregular or missed meals.

Migraines and headaches although alike are not exactly the same, but are equally as distressing and painful and both can affect the everyday life of the sufferer to a great extent. People who suffer from migraine especially often have to lie down in a dark room to alleviate the pain. Headaches of any kind are among the most disabling of conditions known to most of the healing profession. However, medication isn’t the only headache relief available:

Often simple home remedies provide the best headache relief. Hot compresses can relax neck and shoulder muscle tension helping to relieve pain as well as a hot bath. A relaxing walk in the fresh air can often clear up a headache, especially if caused by stress. There are many pills that can be bought over the counter and home remedies that can alleviate headaches and migraines, most only work for a very short time.

The symptoms and pain associated with the various types of headache, can be difficult for a doctor to pinpoint precisely, but researchers suggest that there may be an abnormal cell passed down through generations that make family members susceptible to certain stimuli that cause headaches. Another viable theory relates to the blood vessel function in the brain that triggers headaches.

Many have had great success with hypnosis, using it to stop chronic headaches before they start. Hypnosis, which is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention, is like using a magnifying glass to focus on the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Similarly, when our minds are concentrated and focused, we are able to use our minds more powerfully. Because hypnosis allows people to use more of their potential, learning self-hypnosis is the ultimate act of self-control.

People often fear that being hypnotized will make them lose control, surrender their will, and result in their being dominated, but a hypnotic state is not the same thing as gullibility or weakness. If you’re not familiar with hypnosis – read more about it at The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) , the largest U.S. organization for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis.

To understand how can help alleviate and stop your chronic headaches read what people who’ve undergone the process have to say about it here:

For more information about Hypnosis Got questions about Hypnosis? Get them answered here

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