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Posted Nov 19 2012 7:00am

Curtain of night arrives, give the earth put on a black cloak. Bright monthly came up, and to give the earth were clothed in a gauze······light in the desk, quiet moonlight in the floor, reflecting colorful light of a Women Toms Shoes Graffiti mother's love.

That made me forget of, when I was doing my homework, gradually behind ring mom mild and fine grinding footsteps, very light, very light, lest affect me. Mother went to me gently ask me: "tired not tired, or have a rest?" I'm for question from scratch, be mother so ask interrupted ideas, they didn't good the spirit answer: "is really of, is not you, my train of thought interrupted, the rest of you go to rest! Didn't see I'm busy?" Mother are shocked, not for a while then gently walked, footsteps are heard more walk more far... The light and small steps, like a big hammer knock heavily in my heart, more and more pain! How can I do this to my mother? I can't help but ask yourself.

For a while, and ring mom that mild and fine grinding footsteps, mother put a glass of milk on the table. I gently said sorry, mother said: "it's all right, mom how can blame you? Get milk drink, cold is bad to drink."

Milk, very sweet very sweet, light a sip, have a sweet taste in my mouth wandering.I were disillusioned: it is a mother's love sweet?

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