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Step Away From The Scale!

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:22pm

blog My last couple clients have come to me telling me that they are stepping on the scale daily. Oh how I cringe when I hear this. I then try to explain to they WHY not to do this and they still do not care or even want to listen. I go so far as to tell them that they are not allowed to step on the scale for at least one week (baby steps, right), to which they argue but agree. Phew…

So, I thought I would conduct my own little experiment to show then just how much your weight can fluncutate from day to day depending water retention to glycogen storage and changes in your lean body mass. Salt and water are to big causes to weight flunctuations. Not to mention that as women, we retain a lot of water around that time of the month. So what I did was weigh myself each morning and night for one week to show you just how much your weight can change.

Day:                           AM:                                     PM:

Monday                   130.0                                 130.4

Tuesday                   128.6                                 131.6

Wednesday             130.6                                 130.6

Thursday                  129.2                                132.0

Friday                        130.8                                131.8

Saturday                  FORGOT                            132.6

Sunday                      131.2                                  131.6

Now when I look back at these numbers, I can tell you when I worked out later in the day, or when I ate more starchy carbs later in the day or when I drank more water. It never once concerned me, even though on one day I gained  4 pounds.

Use a tape measure and how your clothes fit as a gauge. When I measure clients,  take the folllowing measurements: chest, smallest part of waist, belly button, hips (roundest part of butt), thigh, calf, bicep and neck. With all those measurements, you are for sure going to see some inches lost and its a much better way to see just how well you are doing with your fitness routine and nutrition. Another great tool is your body fat percentage. You can probably ask at your gym if you could get your body fat tested. There is also way to do it with measurements, which is not as accurate, but will serve as a guide. You can find that HERE.

So stay away from the scale, at least on a daily basis. Try to keep it once a week and make sure you do it at the same time every time you weigh yourself to be as accurate as possible

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