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Staying on Track with Weight Loss Goals Through Holidays

Posted Nov 25 2009 7:00am
holidayweightgain-main_FullTis the season and with joy and dread we enter into the jolly time.
Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year we know that food is going to be abundant.

Now there are those that can eat all day long and not gain an ounce and then there are those that can just “smell” the food and gain a pound.  That same pound takes 3 weeks to lose, so what are we to do?

It is actually easier than you think to stay on track during the holidays and it is very important that we do so and we do not overindulge.

It is also very important to fully enjoy the holidays and not “worry” about the four letter word “diet”.

So how do we combine staying on track and still enjoying the full throttle of the holidays?

Some great tips:

1. First remember to eat regular meals.  Most holidays we seem to “starve” all day so we can pig out on the big meal.  If you keep to your regular routine you will still fully enjoy the holiday and not overindulge.  Keep in mind that HUNGER IS THE ENEMY and therefore we need to not wait to eat and then overindulge.

2. Keep up with your regular exercise routine even if you shorten it some as you are busy.  Some exercise is better than no exercise so keep up your routine, even if you need to adapt it to your holiday schedule.

3.  With staying with tip #1 never go to a party or get together on an empty stomach.  Eat something that is high in protein like nuts, lean meat or chicken.  This way when you get to the party and you see all the “junk” food you will already be full and not overindulge.

4. Do not allow yourself to be deprived!  Forget the four letter word “diet” and make a point of eating the things that you don’t have at other times of the year.  Don’t waste your great holiday meal with food you can eat at anytime anyways.  This way you don’t waste your calories and you enjoy your holiday.

5. Avoid the alcohol!  Wine or light beer only contains about 100 calories so a few of these are fine, but alcohol will pile on the calories and worst off it stimulates the appetite.

6.  Keep in mind portion control this way you can enjoy all your favorite foods but in smaller size.  Ask for a smaller plate and then you trick your mind that you are feasting anyways.

7.  Keep in mind that the holidays can be full of stress and we then rely on fast food to just get by, do not do this.  Cook some healthy meals ahead of time then you can still just relax and pop it in the microwave.

8.  Remember that all leftovers can be frozen and out of site is out of mind.

9. Avoid all the “tasting” while you are cooking.  It is amazing how many calories you consume while “test tasting” the food.

10.  At most gatherings there are other people so get involved!  Talk more, eat less.  Play games and remember that the holidays are meant to spend time with family and not just a time to eat.

11.  You will also find many people give gifts of chocolate, cookies, goodies etc.  Ask to be removed from the “snack” list, it you don’t have it you won’t eat it.

What strategies do you plan to implement when you are face to face with all those holiday yummies??

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