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Staying Elert With Essential Energy Drinks

Posted Dec 23 2009 6:46am
As an over the road truck driver, I am always looking for a healthy alternative for energy drinks. I’ve seen several products that list such ingredients like guarana, caffeine and ginseng, but none that offers a daily vitamin supplement. Trying to stay healthy and eating right is challenging enough while living on the road for weeks at a time. Preparing a healthy diet is limited to a couple of 12 volt lunch-box style stoves and a cooler – exercise is also limited also.

Getting the right nutrition hasn’t been more important to me than it is in this profession. I’m over 50 and maintaining one’s wellbeing should be on the high priority list or else your center of attention can be disrupted. There are many occupations that require a persons undivided attention military personnel, policemen/women, fire fighters, air-plane pilots, boat captains, transit bus drivers and yes, even truck drivers – and the list goes on and on!

As far as energy drinks as an alternative which can also increase your stamina and improve your performance, there are side effects such as distress, gastro-intestinal problems and sudden crash in energy level that comes with the usage of these products. Driving over the road is demanding, so while sharing the highways with a variety of skill levels including inattentive drivers, construction zones and ranging weather conditions, energy drinks is another aid to help keep you focused. However, caffeine is a stimulant and it can cause problems in your sleeping habits (insomnia) as well as triggering several ailments such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Proper diet and exercise can leave a person feeling vigilant much of the day, but depending on one’s employment, their careers can be quite mind-numbing after awhile. Proper aids and supplements are a must these days and also serves as a safety shield for all of those who could immediately be effected with that person’s job performance.

Having an all-in-one dietary supplement and/or an energy drink that lasts throughout the entire day, and without any side effects that doesn’t keep you up at night would be great. The right amount of exercise – a healthy diet along with a great vitamin supplement equals a vigorous attitude and a positive outlook on life.


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