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Staying Determined to Reach Your Goals

Posted Sep 13 2010 11:11am

I have the biggest migraine headache right now. I seriously am in so much pain, and it’s hard to keep my head up and sit on this chair, typing up this blog post. But, I really wanted to write this because I’m just so inspired right now!

I wanted to write about determination. With almost a month of me being self-employed, I’ve thought about how much I’ve done already, and if I felt accomplished. Well, I know that being a blogger is hard work, and my main goal as a blogger really, is to make a difference in people’s lives. Although I’ve gotten some feedback here and there, it’s nowhere near where I want it. It’s only been a month, so I can’t expect hundreds of comments a post. But I am pretty determined to get to that point eventually.

Determination where it relates to a career reminds me of the starving artist. Every single musician who is now popular started at the bottom, and was rejected left and right. Eventually, with enough determination and hard work, they rose to the top and became popular and influenced many people. If you’ve ever read about Lady Gaga, a huge influence in pop music, she worked hard to get where she is today, despite rejection and being in the background for many years. Her story totally inspires me to keep at what I am doing, because eventually, I’ll see the results I want, no matter what negative feedback or rejection comes my way.

So let that be a lesson to you. It’s common sense advice really, but many don’t seem to keep it in mind. Do what makes you happy of course, and keep at it, even if you don’t see success right away. I know that I personally have to keep telling myself this and it keeps me going. It’s difficult to think you’ll achieve success when you’re unsure of when it will happen, but you will never see it if you don’t keep trying and stay determined.

Thanks Lady Gaga, for keeping me inspired. Only she can get away with wearing a meat dress!

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