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Stay Motivated Year Round With These Fitness Tips

Posted Mar 28 2012 12:00am

    The easiest part of the year to stay motivated is always spring and summer.  However, there are times when we lose our drive and focus too much on our daily tasks and not enough on what will keep us healthy and moving.  These are some of the things I tell clients to do to keep them on the weight loss track.  Pick some of your favorites and be very diligent about doing them.  Consistency has always been the number one fitness tip that I give to my clients, friends and family.  Without it you don’t stand a chance at any goal regardless if it’s fitness based or life based.


– Find a picture of YOU at your healthiest point.  Put that picture in a place where you will see it often (3-5 times a day).  The best thing about this motivation tactic is that YOU are the subject in the picture.  Models in magazines on your wall do help but it’s easier to picture yourself thinner and healthy if you are the subject.

– Getting yourself out of your routine, and into some fun and flirty clothing with your friends can help to remind you of your goals.  The human race also happens to be very competitive so seeing other friends that may be in better shape could make you work even harder.  If you are the smallest of the group it can also motivate you to keep working towards your goal.  Not to mention, it breaks up the monotony of life which perks you up mentally.

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– If you aren’t on pinterest already, then it’s time you signed up!!!  Start collecting motivating pictures from others (including us) and print out your favorites to put in your office, around your home, and in your car.   Most people will remember the office and home but the place that really makes the difference is the CAR!  Looking at those motivational saying while you drive home can lift your spirits and get you into the gym instead of onto the couch.

– No, you don’t have to wear your bikini to work.  However, getting out of your usual dumpy clothing and into some form fitting, classy attire can show you why your working so hard.  It also helps to reset your thinking for the week.

– We know you come home from work and slip out of your clothes and into your sweats (Admit it!).  Wearing loose clothes is ok, but try to add in something tight as well.  Maybe wear your sweats with a tight tank top.  It’s hard to give into the night time munchies when you have to look at the weight you want to lose.   For those people who workout at home, it will ensure that you get moving!

– Plants clean the air of toxins and help to alter your moods.  Use them to keep you in the spirit to get outside and soak up natures positive vibe.

– Whether staying healthy is for you, your children, or your significant other; make sure that you have pictures of them are around you.  When all else fails, do it for them, not you!

  If you don’t then you need one S.T.A.T !!!   If you hate working out with others then consider the people at the gym your buddies.  Tell them “hi” and make small talk.   Pretty soon you will have a whole community of people that look forward to seeing you.

Fitness isn’t always about working out and eating right.  It’s also a mental game.  Staying motivated to workout and get in shape is key to keeping you on track.  Print this article keep it accessible try to review it at least once a month so you can refocus.  ”We love helping you, one tip at a time.”

Adria Ali

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