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Stay Mellow With The Yellow (Egg Yolk)

Posted Nov 16 2010 9:17pm
This weekend I was at a best friend's wedding up in New York.

After a 3.5 hour train ride up to the Big Apple, I was looking forward to a little break from reality.

A weekend escape from work, training, and lifestyle coaching...

or so I thought.

There we are in the long line for the omelette station at the hotel buffet and I get bombarded with questions.

'Lance, are eggs bad for you?'

'Lance, is bacon bad for you?'

'Lance, is cheese bad for you?

Ugh, there goes my weekend 'break'.
But the question that I'm gonna talk about today wasn't even asked by a friend.
It was asked by the chef,
'Do you want eggs or egg whites?'

No question, 6 months ago I would have answered, 'egg whites!'
But this time, I said 'eggs yellow'
And here is why...
1. An egg without the yolk is an incomplete food, which is hard for the body to recognize and utilize
2. We NEED cholesterol from the yolk - cholesterol helps male/female hormones, growth hormones, repair/immune hormones, and sleep hormones.
3. Aim for 1 yolk for every 1 to 3 eggs
4. Often times if I am eating out and order eggs I might still choose egg whites as the restaurant is probably using some source of oil/fat already. 
So stay mellow with the yellows guys, adding one or two to your omelette or scrambled eggs won't kill you - actually will save you.
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