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Started Exercising But Not Losing Weight?

Posted Jun 22 2009 12:21pm


If you’ve started an exercise program and found that your weight has actually increased rather than decreased - don’t freak out. Before making assumptions and getting stressed for no reason take a look at some of the situations below to understand how to solve your specific problem.

I’m Losing Inches But Not The Weight!

The first thing to do is figure out if you’re gaining fat or muscle. Muscle is a lot more dense than fat but takes up less space within your body. If you gain muscle the number on the scale may go up even though your body is slimming down. Instead of just focusing on what the scale says what you have to do is get your body fat tested on a regular basis (once a month) to track the ratio of fat and muscle mass in your body. If you cant check your body fat you can whip out the good ‘ole measuring tape and check your stats with that instead - Just make sure you measure the same spots consistently!

I’m Not Losing Inches!

This could mean a few things…

You’re eating too much.

If you are not losing inches, then you still might be eating too much. Obviously in order for you to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you put in. Sometimes you may overlook little things you slip into your eating plan, a second helping here, two cookies over there - they all add up. Counting calories can be a bit tedious but the process does help you build your food knowledge that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Try and and keep a food journal and track everything you eat for about 4 weeks. You’ll start to notice the smaller details that could be the reason why you’re not losing inches.


You’re not eating enough.

On the other hand, the reason might be because your not eating enough. If you’re severely restricting how much food you eat, your body will react to that and slow your metabolism down to conserve energy.  Make sure your eating enough to support your bod and your increased level of physical exercise.

You want instant gratification.

In todays world if you want something…you want it now! Need a question answered? Hit up google and within seconds you’ll find your answer.  Need a quick meal? Drive down to McDonalds, they’ll have your food ready within minutes (not saying to go and eat McDonalds just showing you how everything is so fast-paced) The point is that we’re pretty spoiled when it comes to getting what we want. Unfortunately with weight loss it doesn’t work that way. I wish I could sit here and tell you that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days - but then I’d just be bullshitting you, which isn’t my goal. Some times you just have to be patient. When you start exercising and changing your eating habits your body needs time to adjust so do your body a favor and give it some time to respond to what your doing.

Hopefully this post can help you understand why you’re not seeing a specific result and help propel you to the next level.

The case studies I posted above are the popular ones but If you think I missed one that should be in the list or just have a comment or question then make sure you post ‘em below.


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