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Start Up Your Fat-Burning Machine, Part 2

Posted Jun 13 2013 8:00am
Here is part two of my article on what your muscles need to keep their mass up and running at high performance. (Read part one here). Protein amounts and timing: studies show that protein intake is critical to preserve and to increase body mass. Your muscles need the right mix of amino-acids, the building blocks of protein, to repair and to get stronger. And it helps to take them in at the right time. Your RX: Experts advise that in general, women should get between 20-30 g of protein per meal—the size of the palm of your hand—while men should aim for twice as much, 40-60 g per meal. But not all proteins are created equal. Some proteins provide all nine essential amino-acids—making them complete proteins—while others are incomplete. Your muscles rely on the flow essential amino acids, particularly leucine. This is one of the three branched-chain amino acids and one of the most important for building muscle. Whey protein, found in dairy, is considered one of the best muscle protein suppliers. However, do not limit your protein intake to one food. Consume lean meats, fish, eggs, low fat dairy, tofu, soy, milk protein blends, oats, quinoa, and millet, etc. [...]
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