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Start Up Your Fat-Burning Machine, Part 1

Posted Jun 12 2013 8:00am
Your fat-burning machine has been with you for your whole life. It makes you athletic and strong when up through your 20s, but starting in your 30s, it may not work as efficiently as it used to. You have to give it the right maintenance. I’m talking about what impacts your resting metabolism the most: your muscles! Your muscle mass declines anywhere from 3% to 8% each decade once you hit your 30s. So, this means that what represents up to 40% of your total body weight–the muscles—and is the most powerful contributor to your metabolism weather lying down and/or jogging will be affected if you don’t keep this machine working at its best. Indeed, up to 70% of the calories you burn at rest are driven by the muscles. Instead of wasting your efforts trying to find the latest diet to lose weight, put your efforts into keeping your muscles at their best. This will not just help keep your weight down, but will also reduce your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bone mass loss. And the visible benefits will be a strong and toned body! Muscle-Up Laundry List Keeping your muscle mass up and running may seem [...]
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