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Staph Infection Since every gym ...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm 3 Comments

Staph Infection

Since every gym in the country has been putting hand sanitizers on every wall in the past week or two I thought this recent New York Times Article about how unlikely it is to get a staph infection would be appropriate .

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Unlikely? Having just contracted a staph infection (very likely at my local fitness center), it's way more likely than I would have thought. It's bad news and shouldn't be downplayed or scoffed at. Everyone should take it seriously and take precautions. September 2009
I get staph infections about 4 times a year from my gym.  In fact, I have one now and I know it is from the gym (there was a teen boy conditioning camp last week). Once again, I am on a course of antibiotics and prednisone and I am at this moment bleaching everything that has come in contact with that gym, including my purse, gloves, shoes and gym bag.  I am also taking a dilute bleach bath every night.  My doctor said it is amazing how many gym acquired staph infections she sees, and that is a reason why she doesn't belong to a gym. I even wipe the equipment down before I use it (cardio, not weights, which is where I think I am picking it up actually, so I have ordered golf gloves to use so that I don't have to touch anything).  My left eye is swollen near shut because the infection is on my left eyebrow.  June 2010
Agree, everyone needs to take this threat seriously!  Gyms are FILTHY.. it is the nature of the beast.  People, common use equipment, sweat, boy athletes with staph... it's gross actually, but if you want to be in shape, you have to take it seriously and have immaculate cleanliness.  You can't depend on the gym... they can't possibly keep up with the level of cleaning they would need to have to prevent it.  I also just bought my own microbial towels... won't use the gym towels any more.
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