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Stand Up for Your Fitness: Review of the Standing Fit Standing Desk

Posted Jul 09 2012 6:00am
standing fit

You guys have heard about the dangers of sitting , right? In fact, before reading this post, go ahead and stand up and do 10 jumping jacks. We'll wait. Okay, phew. Now we can share our review of the Standing Fit with a clear conscience. Over the last few weeks I've been doing what I can to stand up and move more. My workouts are still groovy, but I've been working on decreasing—or at least interrupting the number of minutes my fit bottom is on a seat or the couch. Seeing that my review of this treadmill desk is done and the unit has been shipped back to the next lucky reviewer, I was intrigued by Standing Fit, a simple little clear plastic table for your keyboard that allows you to work at your computer standing up. Using it is pretty straight-forward. Just like the guy on the left is doing, you simply set the Standing Fit unit up, put your keyboard on top of it and work. Easy! Well, sort of. I do love how simple of a solution it is, however, I found some flaws. First, I do a lot of clicking and highlighting with my mouse and there's no real room for that on the Standing Fit platform, so I kept having to lower down to my desk to do that. Second, my monitor doesn't tilt back, so although the keyboard was at a comfortable height for me and my fingers, my eyeballs had to strain to see the computer screen clearly. (You know how if you don't look at it dead on it can be kind of hard to see? Like that.) Third, I haven't upgraded to a wireless keyboard yet, and the wires were a little messy and unsightly on my desk. So, truthfully, I only used it a few times when I was only writing, didn't have to use a mouse and wasn't having to really look at the screen much. The Standing Fit is sturdy though and looks nice. It might works for others, but not for me—especially with the price tag of $74.95. Although, let me be clear, I really, really like the idea of it. Are you trying to sit less and stand more during your work day? What fun ways are you staying upright? —Jenn

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