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Squats, Deadlifts and Crocs

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am

I was down at Bedros Keulian's Fitness Business Summit this weekend, and as a result, I'm a day off schedule with my training this week.

Next week I'm flying to Oregon to work with Nike and some NFL athletes at a Pro Camp - so I need to get back on my schedule to allow that travel.

As a result - today was a "modified" session. Instead of my scheduled resistance training I did a combined workout (Adapted from New Rules of Lifting for Abs).

I thought I'd share it with you to show you what I did. It was pouring outside and this Scottish boy hates the rain - so I wasn't doing anything outdoors :) (this was all done in the home gym, but being a gym owner I probably have more equipment at home and in my garage than some commercial gyms!)
Warm up:
5 mins treadmill
Dynamic Warm Up
Valslide push aways -12 reps each side
Swiss Ball Mountain Climbers -12 reps each leg
Cross Body Band Chops -12 reps each side.
Resistance Training:
DB Split Squat - 8 reps ea., 60s rest
Two Point DB Row - 8 reps ea. 60s rest.

Deadlift - 8 reps, 60s rest
Alt DB Chest Press - 8 reps ea., 60s rest
DB Step up - 8 reps ea. 60s rest
DB Push Press - 8 reps ea. 60s rest

Offset DB Front Squat - 8 reps ea, 60s rest
Mixed Grip Chins - 8 reps ea., 60s rest
Total: 14 work sets
(Normally I do half as many exercises for 2-3 sets of each, today was only 1 set each side).

Metabolic Training:
Incline Treadmill intervals - 5 x 30s on, 90s off
Toal workout time was just around 45 mins.

I used a Polar Heart Rate monitor which tracked my average heart rate at 85% max and I peaked at 98% (probably during the interval sprints).

The monitor said that the workout overall burned 650 cals. Not sure how accurate that is, but it's useful for comparative data with other training sessions.

In just over 45 mins I hit mobility, core, full body resistance and some extra metabolic work.
And I'm back on track and ready to attack the week.
PS - John Romaniello's Final Phase Fat Loss program is still on sale.
Check it out.
24420 Walnut street
Newhall, CA

For semi-private or personal training contact Nathan Donahue
Calgary, Alberta

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