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Spread ‘Em: ToeSox Five Toe Sandals

Posted Sep 21 2011 6:00am

toesox Flip-flop weather may be coming to an end with the cooler temps, but if you’re not quite ready to give up your toes-in-the-free-air freedom (like me !), let me introduce you to a unique and healthy type of flop, the ToeSox Five Toe Sandals .

These sandals are pretty plain looking. Nothing to write home about look-wise, they do come in a flat and slightly elevated heel, and you do have some fun options for the color of the strap. But looks aren’t really what ToeSox is about—they’re all about the, you guessed it, toes! Kind of like the little toe-separators you get to dry your toes after a pedi, these sandals have toe-spreaders built in! According to the company, they help spread your toes, which strengthens foot muscles and increases blood circulation. And stronger feet improve posture, balance and decrease the incidence of foot injury.

While tracking and judging foot strength over time is kind of hard to do anecdotally, I will say that when I first put these on my tootsies had a bit of a come-to-Jesus moment. Holy smooshed toes (!) was it uncomfortable to get them spread out at first. In fact, the first few times I wore them (the company recommends easing into wearing them gradually), it was pretty uncomfortable. But with regular use, my toes began to de-smoosh a bit, and the sandals began to feel a little more normal. While I’m not up to walking the dog in them for more than a half or mile or so, they’re good for going to yoga, wearing around the house and even during a quick trip to the grocery store.

What I really love about them though is the material. Super supportive and incredibly comfortable, they actually mold to your foot. While I’m not ready to toss my regular flip-flops to the wayside in exchange for these just yet, if you’re someone who works out a lot, is on your feet a ton or simply has smooshed piggies like me, these are a nice pair to throw in your sandal rotation. And, at less than $30 a pair , it won’t break the bank. So we say, spread ‘em!

Do you worry about your foot strength and health? Would you wear special footwear to keep your tootsies healthy? Tell us about it! —Jenn


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