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Spot Body Fat Reduction Won't Work

Posted Jan 14 2011 3:10pm
Are you concerned about excess ab fat, butt/hip/thigh fat or back fat. That's great if you are. If you are trying to do spot body fat reduction alone, it won't work.

Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Shrink Your Body!

Burn total body fat by doing full body strength training and eating healthy food. This will help you burn dangerous belly fat. Doing 1000 ab crunches a day won't get the job done. If you want to do some extra work on your stubborn body fat areas (in addition to your regular workouts), that okay.

One tactic that will work to help you burn fat is mixing up your cardio workouts. Don't just do running on a treadmill or elliptical machine. You could do a different cardio workout every session to avoid boredom and repetitive stress injuries. Try these cardio workouts to blast fat
--Bodyweight cardio
--Sprint intervals
--Jump exercise intervals

Mix up your strength workouts between heavy weight sessions (3-5 repetitions per set) and lighter weight circuit training sessions (10-12 repetitions per set).

Stop Wasting Money On Silly Fitness Gadgets That Don't Work!

You don't need fitness gadgets to burn fat and lose weight! And, don't spend any more money on fat loss and weight loss pills. You don't need those supplements either. And finally, forget about quick weight loss programs. They don't work long-term and that's why they are called quick!

I hope your fitness year is off to a great start! Keep it going throughout the year!

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"Exercise is not my life.....exercise makes my life better!"

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