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Spelt Vegetable Bread

Posted Jan 14 2013 1:37am

My partner loves to juice! I've told him repeatedly he is wasting his time in my humble opinion and that he should just eat the fruit or vegetable in the juicing line of fire but alas my request falls on deaf ears. I knew I could be quite savvy (and frugal) in the kitchen so just as he was about to throw out his pulp, I remembered the recent pic on Getting Lean & Curvy's FB page about using carrot pulp so I decided to use his leftover vegetable pulp to make my own healthy bread.

Spelt is my base, whilst not gluten free, it is friendlier on the old tummy than wheat. Give it a try next time you are walking down your supermarket or health food store aisles.

To be honest I didn't think much about placing all my ingredients together- I simply thought this will be pretty cool if it works and hey presto- DELIGHTFULNESS! That's the beauty of not being fussy & methodical in the kitchen- Your creative juices flow. It is a very moist/wet loaf/bread and it goes really well with avocado or a homemade pesto with some cheese. It's delicious lightly toasted on both sides too! Very 50DaysNoSugar friendly & definitely approved by me. Parents will like this one as a way to disguise veggies for the kiddies- whatever works for the little cherubs, hey?

Bonus: No yeast, no kneading- just combine, bake and eat! Yum!

Makes approx 10 thick slices

You'll need a pre oiled loaf tin approx 20cm x 10cm

2 cups of vegetable pulp (I had beetroot & carrot, squeeze out any excess moisture)
2 cups spelt flour
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of water
2 tsp of baking powder
salt and pepper
1/4  cup olive oil

                                                                        Place wet ingredients in a bowl and then stir in dry ingredients. It'll resemble a muffin mix consistency.
It needs to then go into a 180 degrees celsius oven for 50 mins (approx). Insert a skewer to check that everything is cooked. You are looking to insert then pull out to inspect the wannabe clean skewer.

Allow to cool for at least 20 mins then turn out onto a wire rack. It'll last 4-5 days in an airtight container- personally I'd keep it in the fridge then toast it however it's up to you. Enjoy!

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