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Speed Squat Workout of the Day

Posted Oct 21 2009 10:01pm
As usual I started the day with my morning snap, crackle and pop routine. I call it this because that is all I hear from my joints when loosening up. I must be getting old!

Here is what I do in the morning:
  • Foam Roller (optional)
  • Joint Mobility Drills (do full range of motion circles with each joint, I recommend Pavel's Super Joints book)
  • Dynamic Warm-up (reverse lunge with twist, inch worm, Russian twist and t-push-up)
  • Glute Work 1 x 20 reps each drill (bridges, bird dog, single leg bridge, clam shell), between each set of glute work I have recently been doing a set of push-ups
This whole morning routine takes about 25 minutes. If you are tight and/or sore all the time then I highly recommend you incorporate this type of exercise. I makes me feel great!

In the afternoon I met with the powerlifting team and we did a speed squat workout.
  • Speed Squat 8 x 2 at 60% of max raw weight (no chains or bands this time)
  • Heavy Deadlift, work up to a heavy, NOT MAX, single
  • Romanian Deadlift 4 x 12
  • Hanging Leg Lifts 4 x 6-10
The heacy deadlifting after speed work is not something you should do all the time if you max out on a squat/deadlift move later in the week. Just throw it in now and then when your deadlift is lagging, as mine is at the moment.

Once the main work is done, do a bit more posterior chain work if your back is still cool, such as RDL's. Finally, finish with some heavy and hard ab work to keep you strong in the core and your back healthy.
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