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Speed bench with a morning of stair climbing

Posted Mar 30 2010 12:00am
OK party people. Last week I was busy and kind of sick so the my training posts haven't been as regular. Today I felt better and am back on the wagon, or off the wagon, whichever is the good one. Here is the workout I did. The morning session is really just to keep my aerobic system healthy and maintain a good body fat percentage. The afternoon was a quick speed bench training session to prepare for an upcoming powerlifting meet.

  • Stairs
    • climbed 50 stories of real live stairs to kick start my metabolism, 15-20 mins
  • Speed Bench, 3 set of 3 reps, for 3 rounds (3x3)x3
    • using purple flex bands to add accomodating resistance
    • the straight weight should only be about 60-65% of your max raw weight
  • Pull-ups x 50 total paired with Dumbbell Presses 5 x 8-10
    • these dumbbell presses were done with the elbows at 45 degrees to the body and the wrists traveling up and down in a straight line, this really hits the triceps
  • Smith Machine Push-ups
    • wrap a flex band around your back
    • set the bar at the lowest pin and bang out 10 push-ups
    • raise the bar to the next level and do another 10
    • keep raising the bar until you either gas out or are standing straight up, whichever comes first
    • this is a great finisher!
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