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Speed Bench and Upper Body Workout

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:00pm

  • Mobility Work
  • Dynamic Warm-Up (reverse lunge with twist, side lunge, inch worm, Russian twist, t-push-up)
  • Glute Work with a set of push-ups in between each drill (bridge, bird dog, single leg bridge, clam shell)
  • Kettlebell Arm Bars 2 x 5 (just enough to loosen up my shoulders)
  • Speed Bench 9 x 3 at 60% raw max weight paired with Pull-Ups x 50 total reps
  • Blast Strap circuit, 4 x 6-12 reps per drill
    • push-ups
    • rows
    • triceps extensions
    • curls
    • reverse flies
Blast Straps are a great tool to shake up your training, create new muscle growth, and improve the health of your shoulder joints. If you don't think they can help you put on muscle, check out the development of ring gymnasts!

And if you are more man than me, you can try this crazy blast strap movement!

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