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Special Tips to cure diabetes: Symptoms and Preventions

Posted Nov 16 2008 10:01pm

Most of diabetes, we have heard only about the number of diabetes for all, it is a disease of high blood sugar caused by the presence of know what it is. If you have time, is probably a fatal disease, but we do not think it was like to be. We have the body of the above is bad for your health requires a certain level of glucose. The curative effects of the disease in some bad injuries, kidney failure, coma, and a significant advance in medicine for solving the problem of diabetes.

Two types of diabetes:

Type 1 - we provide enough insulin for the body, cells of the pancreas in the form of energy that is used to discharge the necessary blood sugar fails.

Type 2 - cells, so the extra effort of insulin results can be an opponent of glucose in the blood. Why is it with you all need to be? The scientists said a genetic disease and diabetes are the result of the standard of living can be. As gene type 1 diabetes is mostly found in young people thought. Another pregnancy type of diabetes is usually around 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy in women during pregnancy affects 3 percent.

Aware of the symptoms of diabetes is very important control to preventive measures. Self-and frequent urination, thirst, dizziness, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and some are big. If you feel these symptoms, the doctor recommended that you hear. A diabetes blood test is very simple instructions. A bit of blood, to measure blood sugar, is from the official. A healthy blood sugar level of 99 mg / DL’S blood sugar levels of diabetes of the 126 mg / DL is the smallest. Several other tests for the diagnosis of diabetes are available.

Ultimately, people are diagnosed with a click, as well as the best treatment, the doctor’s advice is as follows: maintain the appropriate measures to prevent frequent blood sugar checks and diabetes. In Hawaii Contemporary art in our world to monitor blood sugar levels to facilitate some of the advanced medical equipment is facilitated by. A device that is the same as the size of a mobile phone - has your current blood sugar can provide a drop of blood placed on the strip. Flashing an infrared-beam system in the skin to the blood glucose level can be calculated. To that end, people with diabetes, the day of the current preventive measures in accordance with some, to lead a normal life. Nothing to worry about - you just need self-control!

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