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Sore Muscles and Exercising

Posted Jan 08 2009 2:44pm

sore So I skipped another day of exercise yesterday because my body still felt sore!  I debated whether or not I should have worked out anyway but I decided that there will be many workouts to come so it’s better to be full ready to really work out than feeling sore.

Soreness is pretty normal especially if you’re just starting out a routine of working out.  Soreness also means that the muscles in your body are getting stronger.  So don’t think just because you’re sore doesn’t mean that you’re out of shape, it’s totally normal.  When you engage in exercise though, you should make sure that you warm up to get your body warm and ready.  Your body being warm allows the blood in your body to flow and allow oxygen to circulate.  Stretching is also very important and is usually overlooked!  If you really don’t want to sit around doing nothing, you can even do some light exercise like walking or even swimming.  I wasn’t able to go walking after I got home from work due to the rain that suddenly came my way, so that was a wash.  But today, I should be okay to work out and I will be doing some cardio!

What do you do when your body feels sore?  Do you take a rest day or light exercising?

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