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Sore Knee

Posted by Racefankevin

To All:

 I currently have not had this issue looked at yet.

The Friday after Thanksgiving I was out walking the woods and fell down on my knee. I did not hear any "pop" nor was there any immediate pain that day. However after that I do have soreness when riding the recumbent style bicycle I have. During the summer and fall I rode a bicycle for exercise and now with winter settling in and bike needing repaired that is why I am riding my recumbent exercise bike.

Back to the injury. However, last Thursday and Friday when I climb a ladder and extension ladder it took everything I had to climb them. (I have no trouble climbing stairs.) The pain is on the back side of the knee. With some pain in the joint itself. Could this be a strain or worse? Should I take 7 to 10 days off the bike to see if that will help with the healing? My gut feel says yes.



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