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Some Fitness Web Sites

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:36pm

With the web at our finger tips we have an unlimited resource for information related to health and fitness. Here are a couple of web sites you might want to check out. . Designed by the American Heart Association and the Cooper's Institute, it's a 12-week program that targets women age 25 and older, focusing on physical activity, nutrition and weight management. . This site helps you calculate all kinds of individualized fitness information, including your target heart rate, body mass index (BMI is a weight relative to height ratio.) or your cardiovascular fitness level. . Sure, you know how old you are chronologically, but what about in terms of fitness and wellness? Are you older or younger than your "real age?"

This site takes you through a comprehensive health, lifestyle, medical history and fitness questionnaire to determine your true age. Once that's calculated, you'll be provided with an in-depth "age-reduction planner" that provides ways — in terms of your fitness and lifestyle — to add years to your life and avoid needless aging.

I like this site. The age-reduction planner is very practical and informative and since it's based on the answers you've provided, it's very personalized. This site also e-mails you, keeping you informed and motivated with lots of fitness tips. The e-mails are not to obnoxious and you can pick and choose what articles you want to read, which will open in another browser window. . It has numerous sections including women, family, baby, alternative medicine, lifestyle, food & fitness, library and shopping.

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