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Smart workouts affect the brain too

Posted by Nancy B.

If you think you’re smart for working out regularly, you really are. Scientists have discovered that the human brain does create new cells throughout a person’s life – contrary to a long-held theory that brain cells do not regenerate in adulthood. According to The New York Times, Columbia University researchers who studied a group of men and women, age 21 to 45, who were working out one hour four times a week. Not only did the level of oxygen they took in increase, but the amount of blood reaching the part of the brain responsible for neurogenesis increased as well. Hopefully, research like this will lead to better understanding of how to avoid Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia. See the article I read at NY Times.

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Past the age group the article referrs to, the benefits are much more than rebuilding brain cells. Having been an avid exercise buff it is easy to tell if another person exercises or not. Especially if the person uses the treadmill, their posture changes and an individual carries himself much better. When I started on my steady exercise ritual to lose weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, everyone started to notice. Needless to say, I love my treadmill time and overall exercising. Thanks for bringing this article to the Wellsphere group.

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