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Small Group STRENGTH Personal Training Sessions!! Why this is an amazing addition to your workout!! My Personal Passion as well

Posted May 14 2012 2:33pm

Commit and Conquer Small group Personal training STRENGTH sessions!!


I wanted to chat a little bit about why I love these Small group personal training sessions that Commit and Conquer is offering.  I could just give you all the science behind it, but I also want to talk to you personally about this, and why it is becoming my new passion and the next level for me as well.I have not only seen people progress physically, but the emotional progress is even more amazing. Here are a few reasons why trainers at CAC love this training. So, here comes the science, very important stuff here, let me know if you have any questions on this:

Here is a quote from our very own Joe Leal the owner of Commit and Conquer:

“How do we maximize calorie burn and fat burn?

Answer:  Cardio burns calories when you are actually doing it.  Muscle burns calories while the body is at rest.  Build more muscle and your body will burn more calories.    Regular muscle utilization teaches the body to protect muscle for future use thus promoting utilization of fat for energy, as long as one is practicing proper nutrition.” He also goes on to give away the Big Secret ”(Big Secret Tip)-  How do you burn more calories?  This is a very important question.  Think about it!

To lose body fat two things need to happen.  We need to burn more calories than we consume and the difference between what we consume and what our bodies require must come from fat stores. ”

Other reasons weight training is so important is injury prevention ( if you strengthen your body in the right way, falls can be prevented, your everyday tasks throughout the day will be easier).  Strong Bones, it is incredible to strengthen your bones and help to prevent osteoporosis. Over all aweseome looking body! (one of my favorites) :)


This information that Joe shared with me, changed my whole way of thinking about strength training.  I used to think that strength training was to tone and cardio was to lose weight. It is amazing how both done at the proper intensity and for the proper time and proper amount are an amazing combination that will transform your body!

The past few months, I have been adding two days of high intensity strength training to my workout routine and the changes are amazing! I have gotten compliments from random strangers and the other day Joe himself told me he is seeing a difference.  I got so excited with my changes that I have realized that I want everyone to be able to reap the benefits and rewards of strength training that I am.

That is why CAC created the small group STRENGTH personal training sessions. Our goals in these sessions are to help you learn about strength training and also to make sure that you are doing it at the right intensity.  Weight training can be intimidating for everyone.  Trust me, I was there not that long ago. You walk into a weight room and see all these people lifting and not knowing what to do. Well, these sessions will take all of the fear away.  The trainers at CAC have tons of experience and their goal is to help you learn what to do and to motivate and support you. We also wanted to make it affordable to everyone.  So, we took the cost of one training session and put four people in the group to split the cost.  So you get the benefit of a personal training session 1/4 of the cost.  That is amazing!!!! These sessions are an 8 week commitment and two to three days a week are the best option, but we do offer once a week as well!! You can also get a nutrition program that the gym absolutely loves!  It is a step by step nutrition plan that will help you every step of the way!  With these two powerfull combinations the sky is the limit!  Then, on your off days you jump into the awesome group sessions we have and wow, you won’t believe the changes!!!!! Trust me, I have seen it first hand in me and others that I am training!!

So, if you are interested in learning more about these Training sessions let me know ASAP. They are filling up so quick, so let me know soon.  We will have opened up more sessions due to demand so we have :morning, afternoon, and evening sessions available so let me know what times work for you! Reply to this post or send me a message thru facebook, or my email at

I can’t wait for you to start this new journey with CAC!!! I know I am so glad I did!!!

This is my before pic, can’t wait for you to see my progress :)


Lori Castellini

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Director

Commit and Conquer Fitness Facility


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