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Sleep & Muscle Repair - part 1

Posted May 19 2010 9:13am
Yesterday one of DC's Fitness Divas, Heather Cohen , was asking her Facebook (FB) 'Friends' what they would like her to blog about through her status update.

As a notoriously noisy guy, I clicked to see what people were saying they wanted learn more about.

One of her 'Friends' asked about sleep and exercise.

Heather accurately responded by explaining how sleep and rest are critical to the repair process of exercise.

I couldn't help, but to chime in with some more specific information that I came across regarding sleep and muscle repair....

Our Bodies Go Through Physical Repair From 10 PM to 2 AM!

The farther from 10pm we go to sleep, the less of this 'physical repair' we get...

For example, when we go to sleep at midnight - we lose 50% of this repair and recovery process.

Not getting enough physical repair can lead to:
  • nagging injuries
  • slowed recovery time
  • decreased muscle growth
  • decreased speed
  • decreased workout performance
  • health & medical conditions

Heather asked me why this was so, instead of boring her 'Friends' with the details on FB I decided to write this 2-part post. 

The answer and all circadian health comes back to...

Saving money by switching to Geico?!?


The cavemen!

Come back tomorrow to find out why we get most of our physical repair between 10 PM and 2 AM.

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