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Sleep: Count Fewer Sheep With These 5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Posted May 22 2008 7:00am

Is anyone really getting enough sleep these days? I’m probably in good company when I say that I occasionally experience nighttime troubles and my sleep is less than fulfilling. What can we do to increase our odds of more satisfying sleep? Many factors can contribute to and cause insufficient sleep. The key to getting better sleep is to identify the negative factors, minimize our exposure to them and increase our exposure to the positive factors. We just need some assistance with the identifying process and subsequently implementing a few simple adjustments.

Did you see a recent post here titled Don't Count Sheep, Try Organic Pillows For Better Sleep? If you missed it, take a moment to check it out. To further assist you in counting fewer sheep and getting more quality sleep, consider these tips from Dr. Michael Breus, author of "Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep," explains how to create the ideal rest environment and get better ZZZs with the right foods and products.

According to Dr. Breus, an in-depth consideration of the five senses is a great way to evaluate your sleep and create the ideal sleep environment.

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight. Let me know which of these tips bring you the best results.

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